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PIAA Individual Championships
Giant Center, Hershey

Mar. 12-- Big Macs win second team title!
Canon-McMillan brought home six individual medals and the PIAA AAA Team Points championship, outdistancing Pittsburgh Central Catholic, 92-79. The Big Macs won all four of their medal bouts while the Vikings went 1-4 in the consolation finals, marking the difference in the team score. It's the second Team Points title for Canon-McMillan, their first since 1992.

Saturday struggles for WPIAL AAA
One PIAA Title. That's it for District 7 AAA wrestlers. Nico Megaludis, Franklin Regional, won his third straight title, finishing his career with just one losthat as a freshman in the PIAA quarterfinals. Four other WPIAL wrestlers lost in the finals, including Canon-McMillan's Connor Schram, a returning champion, and Nick Catalano, Mackenzie McGuire, Upper St. Clair and Jason Luster, Pittsburgh Central Catholic.

The results in the other medal bouts were only slightly better, a combined record of 8-11 in the 3rd/5th/7th place matches. Canon-McMillan had four consolation winners. Taking third place were Colt Shorts, Solomon Chishko and Cody Klempay, along with Lorenzo Thomas (PCC) and Nick Bonaccorsi (Bethel Park). Finishing fourth: Zach McGinnis (Waynesburg), Eric Nutter (PCC), Cole Baxter (Butler) and Perry Hills (PCC).

Kiski sophomore Matt McCutcheon took fifth, with Dylan Mogan (Bethel Park), Tyler Manion (PCC), Austin Coniker (PCC) and Scott Mohring (Latrobe) finishing sixth.

Seventh place medals were earned by Derrick Nelson (Waynesburg) and Dario Dobbin (Canon-McMillan). Paul Bewak (Hempfield), and Norwin teammates John Pezze and Matt Tadich finished eighth. The WPIAL won 24 AAA medals.

Mar. 12-- Burrell wins PIAA AA Team Points Title
After winning the WPIAL Dual Meet title for a fifth straight year, and finishing third in the PIAA Team Tournament, Burrell used one individual championship and five total medals to win the AA Team Points title, edging Reynolds 85-83.5. PIAA Team Tourney champion Bethlehem Catholic was third with 76 points, followed by Muncy (59.4) and Derry (51). Burrell senior Travis McKillop beat returning PIAA champion Cody Wiercioch (Charleroi) for the second straight weekend to clinch the title.

James Gulibon (Derry) won his third PIAA championship while his teammate Travis Shaffer claimed his first. Kittanning freshman Jason Nolf finished the season unbeaten, taking his first PIAA title. Defending state champion Nick Carr, South Fayette, also lost in the finals.

Third-place winners from the WPIAL: Geoff Alexander (Shady Side Academy), Burrell's Jeremy Landowski, Dakota DesLauriers and Brian Beattie, and Jeff Tarley (Beth-Center). Fourth-place medals went to Dave Makara (Burrell), Michael Innes (Chartiers-Houston) and Mike Pavasko (Steel Valley).

Dave Demor (South Side Beaver) and Gus Mizia (Bentworth) won fifth-place bouts, with Philip Elias (Shady Side) and Montana Trombetta (Carlynton) finishing sixth. Bentworth's Francis Mizia and Dylan Demain won seventh-place bouts along with Zach Swarrow (Beth-Center) and Sam Guidi (Ft. Cherry). Michael DePalma (Jeannette) and Jordan Kitta (Southmoreland) finished eighth. The WPIAL won 24 AA medals.

News & Notes
Mar. 12-- Semis rough for WPIAL AAA
Five WPIAL AAA wrestlers are heading for the Gold Medal bouts after winning semifinal bouts Saturday morning. Nine others lost and dropped in the consolations. Canon-McMillan teammates Connor Schram and Nick Catalano, Mackenzie McGuire of Upper St. Clair, Nico Megaludis of Franklin Regional and Pittsburgh Central Catholic's Jason Luster go for the gold tonight. Megaludis is seeking his third title and Schram is a returning champion.

The Big Macs have a trio in the third-place bouts--Shorts, Chishko and Clempay, along with three from Central Catholic--Nutter, Thomas and Hills. McGinnis (Waynesburg), Baxter (Butler) and Bonaccorsi (Bethel Park) will also go for third.

Mogan (Bethel), Manion (PCC), Coniker (PCC), McCutcheon (Kiski) and Mohring (Latrobe) are in the 5th-place consolations. Norwin teammates Pezze & Tadich, Nelson (Waynesburg), Dobbin (CM) and Bewak (Hempfield) wrestle for seventh place.

Mar. 11-- AA finals are set
Something old, something new--that's the story of the PIAA AA Finals. The pairings are set for the medal bouts Saturday afternoon. Something old--The three returning PIAA champions from the WPIAL--James Gulibon (Derry), Nick Carr (South Fayette) and Cody Wiercioch (Charleroi) are back in the finals. Gulibon is joined by teammate Travis Shaffer. Wiercioch will face a familiar foe--Travis McKillop of Burrell. PowerAde Finals, WPIAL Finals, Southwest Regional Finals. Now, PIAA Finals. McKillop has won two of the three meetings this year, including last week at the regional, 5-3 in overtime. Something new--Kittanning freshman Jason Nolf is now 43-0 and in the 103-pound championship bout Championship Finals get underway at 2:30 pm.

In the consolation finals--Burrell has four wrestlers in the third-place matches--Makara, Landowski, DesLauriers and Beattie, along with Alexander (SSA), Innes (C-H), Pavasko (StVal) and Tarley (B-C). Four wrestlers go for fifth place from the WPIAL--Elias (SSA), Demor (SSB), Trombetta (Carl) and G. Mizia (Bent), though Trombetta's status is uncertain following a default in the semifinals and his first consolation bout after hitting his head early in the semis. Six WPIAL wrestlers go for seventh place--Bentworth teammates F. Mizia and Demain, Swarrow (B-C), DePalma (Jean), Guidi (FtCh) and Kitta (Smore). Consolation finals are set for 12:30 pm.

Mar. 11-- AAA quarterfinals, consos complete
Canon-McMillan went five-for-five in the PIAA AAA quarterfinals Friday afternoon. Colt Shorts, Connor Schram, Solomon Chishko, Nick Catalano and Cody Klempay all won their second-straight bouts and will be in the semifinals Saturday morning. Pittsburgh Central Catholic had three winners in the quarterfinals--Lorenzo Thomas, Jason Luster and Austin Coniker. Other winners: Mackenzie McGuire (Upper St. Clair), Nico Megaludis (Franklin Regional), Zach McGinnis (Waynesburg), Dylan Mogan (Bethel Park), Matt McCutcheon (Kiski) and Scott Mohring (Latrobe). The WPIAL went 14-11 in the quarterfinals.

In the second-round consolations, Dario Dobbin gave Canon-McMillan a perfect 6-for-6 day with a win. Pittsburgh Central Catholic swept three elimination bouts (Tyler Manion, Eric Nutter and Perry Hills), Norwin won two (John Pezze and Matt Tadich). Other consolation winners hail from Hempfield (Paul Bewak), Waynesburg (Derrick Nelson), Butler (Cole Baxter) and Bethel Park (Nick Bonaccorsi). The consolation wins, coupled with the success in the quarterfinals, mean WPIAL AAA wrestlers will received 24 PIAA medals Saturday night.

WPIAL champions Ty Lydic (Latrobe), Aaron McKinney (West Allegheny) and Kyle McWreath (Trinity) all suffered their second losses and were eliminated, along with seven other District 7 qualifiers.

Mar. 11-- Burrell goes 5-for-5 in quarterfinals
The WPIAL Dual Meet champions from Burrell flexed their muscles on the rest of the state Friday morning, winning five straight quarterfinal matches. Dave Makare, Jeremy Landowski, Travis McKillop, Dakota DesLauriers and Brian Beattie are each two wins away from PIAA gold medals. Defending state champions Cody Wiercioch, Charleroi, James Gulibon, Derry and Nick Carr, South Fayette, also won and are in Friday's semifinals. Gulibon's teammate, Travis Shaffer, won along with Shady Side Academy's Philip Elias and Geoff Alexander, Jason Nolf, Kittanning, Montana Trombetta, Carlyton, and Jeff Tarley, Beth-Center. There are no weightclasses where WPIAL wrestlers will meet in the semifinals.

In the consolation round Friday morning, ten WPIAL AA wrestlers clinched medals, including six more Washington County: Francis & Gizia Mizia and Dylan Demain of Bentworth, Zach Swarrow of Beth-Center, Michael Innes of Chartiers-Houston and Sam Guidi of Fort Cherry. All told, WPIAL AA wrestlers will claim 24 PIAA medals over the weekend.

Mar. 10-- McWreath upset; WPIAL AAA gives strong showing!
Trinity's Kyle McWreath suffered his first loss of the year, a 3-1 setback to Brandon Clark, Methacton, droping the Hiller senior into the consolation bracket. Latrobe's Ty Lydic, WPIAL champion at 135 pounds, also lost his opening bout. The other WPIAL titlists led a strong showing in the opening round of the PIAA Class AAA championships. All told, 25 of 42 WPIAL AAA entrants won to move into the quarterfinals.

McWreath, Lydic and 7 others avoided elimination with victories in the first-round consolations Thursday evening. Eight WPIAL AAA wrestlers were ousted, including four from Franklin Regional and both Peters Township entries.

Mar. 10-- Trombetta leads WPIAL Parade in AA First Round!
Carlynton's Montana Trombetta, a SW 4th-place finisher, knocked off Southeast champion Tristan Sponseller, Bermudian Springs, 4-2, in the opening round of the PIAA Class AA championships. The Cougar senior is one of 22 WPIAL winners in the first round of action. All 12 Southwest region champions from the WPIAL won their first matches Thursday. Washington/Greene County moved 7 of 15 wrestlers into the quarterfinals with first-round wins--Bentworth's Francis Mizia 7 Dylan Demain, Fort Cherry's Sam Guidi and Corey Garry, Michael Innes (Chartiers-Houston), Cody Wiercioch (Charleroi) and Jeff Tarley (Beth-Center) all won Thursday morning.

The first-round consolations are in the books with 9 of the 15 WPIAL wrestlers staying alive. That carries 31 of 37 qualifiers into Friday's action.

From Washington/Greene Counties, consolation winners were Zack Swarrow (Beth-Center), Josh Kwasny (Charleroi), Gus Mizia (Bentworth) and Joe Phillips (Jeff-Morgan). Each of them needs one more consolation win to clinch medals.

Mar. 5-- Big Macs 5-for-5; Megaludis wins his fourth!
Franklin Regional's Nico Megaludis won the 125-pound WPIAL individual championship Saturday night, becoming just the 21st wrestler all-time to win four WPIAL wrestling gold medals. Megaludis is the second new member of the "Four-Timers Club" joining Shady Side Academy's Geoff Alexander who won his fourth WPIAL title a week ago at the Class AA Finals.

Six years ago, Trinity won three individual WPIAL AAA titles. The year before, Waynesburg won four. Saturday night, WPIAL Team Tournament champion Canon-McMillan went one better, going 5-for-5 in AAA Finals. Colt Shorts, Connor Schram, Solomon Chishko, Nick Catalano and Cody Klempay each won regular decisions in their home gym Saturday night. Schram and Catalano both lost in the finals a year ago.

Pittsburgh Central Catholic showed why they were highly ranked throughout the year, winning four championships--Tyler Manion, Lorenzo Thomas, Jason Luster and Perry Hills. The win for Thomas was his second, along with a silver medal.

Mackenzie McGuire (Upper St. Clair), Ty Lydic (Latrbobe), Nick Bonaccorsi (Bethel Park) and Kyle McWreath (Trinity) also won championships. Lydic's title is his second.

1. Andy Puchany, Canonsburg (1936-1939)
2. James Conklin, Waynesburg (1940-1943)
3. Donald Haney, Canonsburg (1947-1950)
4. Manuel Pihakis, Canonsburg (1949-1952)
5. John Dasta, Penn Hills (1985-1988)
6. John Richey, Connellsville (1988-1991)
7. Cary Kolat, Jefferson-Morgan (1989-1992)
8. Mark Angle, Canon-McMillan (1992-1995)
9. Justin Tracanna, Jefferson-Morgan (1993-1996)
10. Shawn Whyte, West Greene (1995-1998)
11. Troy Letters, Shaler (1998-2001)
12. Joe Makara, Burrell (2000-2003)
13. Larry Hall, Jeannette (2001-2004)
14. Coleman Scott, Waynesburg (2001-2004)
15. Troy Dolan, Derry (2004-2007)
16. Colin Johnston, Canon-McMillan (2005-2008)
17. Jordan Shields, Burrell (2005-2008)
18. Dane Johnson, Shady Side Academy (2006-2009)
19. Matthew Cunningham, Shady Side Academy (2007-2010)
20. Geoffrey Alexander, Shady Side Academy (2008-2011)
21. Nico Megaludis, Franklin Regional (2008-2011)

Mar. 5-- Burrell goes 5-for-5 in finals,
WPIAL takes 12 titles at SW AA Regional
PIAA SW AA Regional FINAL Brackets
Dave Makara, Jeremy Landowski, Travis McKillop, Dakota DesLauriers and Brian Beattie won individual championships, leading Burrell to the team points regional title as well. Makara, McKillop and Beattie each won their second crowns. Geoffrey Alexander, Shady Side Academy won his fourth regional title. Derry teammates James Gulibon and Travis Shaffer each won their third, the first each in Double-A after two straight in Triple-A. Jeff Tarley, Beth-Center scored a second-straight finals overtime win over John Rizzo, Richland. Other champions from the WPIAL include Jason Nolf, Kittanning, Nick Carr, South Fayette and Jordan Kitta, Southmoreland. All told, the WPIAL claimed 37 of the available 70 PIAA tournament berths.

Mar. 4-- "You Again?" at SW AA Regional
Familiarity breeds contempt! Rematches highlight the Southwest AA Regional Finals on Saturday. Makara vs. Elias, Shaffer and Demor, Carr and Pavasko, Wiercioch and McKillop, Guidi and DesLauriers...all repeat matches from the WPIAL AA tournament a week ago, ALL in the SW Region Finals. For Makara/Elias, Weircioch/McKillop, and for Tarley and Rizzo, Saturday's finals are the second straight year against each other in the championships at the Regional Tournament.

Mar. 3-- WPIAL AAA top seeds survive and advance
All but two of the top four seeds advanced in the championship brackets Thursday night at the WPIAL AAA Tournament at Canon-McMillan. McGuffey's Christian Whipkey pinned 125-pound #4 Zach Reges of Butler. At 215 pounds, 4th-seeded Neal Rands, Ringgold, was disqualified in his match with Ean Villemain of Indiana.

Feb. 26-- Alexander joins "The Club"
Gulibon, Makara, Shaffer and Carr win third WPIAL titles
Seventy-five years ago, Canonsburg's Andy Puchany won the first of his four WPIAL wrestling titles. Saturday night, Shady Side Academy's Geoffrey Alexander won his fourth, pinning Sean LaVella of Jeannette in just 1:09, becoming just the 20th member of the Four-timers Club. This marks the fifth consecutive year that a new 4-time champion has been crowned in WPIAL wrestling.

Derry junior James Gulibon, a two-time defending PIAA champion, won his third straight WPIAL championship, a 19-6 major decision over Philip Elias of Shady Side Academy.

Dave Makara, a Burrell senior, used three takedowns on the way to an 8-4 win over Anthony Elias, Shady Side Academy, picking up his third WPIAL title.

After a runnerup finish as a freshman, Derry senior Travis Shaffer has been on top of the WPIAL award platform three straight years, the previous two at the Triple-A tournament. Shaffer used a Peterson roll to reverse South Side's David Demor with a minute to go in the bout to score a 2-0 victory in the final.

Returning PIAA champion Nick Carr of South Fayette won his third WPIAL championship, beating Mike Pavasko, Steel Valley, 7-1

Feb. 26-- AAA Sections completed
Triple-A wrestlers in the WPIAL battled Saturday, each working to survive and advance. The top five in each weightclass qualified for the WPIAL AAA Championships March 3-5 at Canon-McMillan High School. The final brackets are available below. Text results are available above by clicking on the "Medal Bout Results".
Section 1-AAA at Plum --
FINAL Brackets
Section 2-AAA at Baldwin --
FINAL Brackets
Section 3-AAA at Fox Chapel --
FINAL Brackets
Section 4-AAA at Mt. Lebanon --
FINAL Brackets

WPIAL AAA Dual Meet champion Canon-McMillan won five individual titles at the Section 4-AAA tournament. Waynesburg won three, Bethel Park scored a pair. Mt. Lebanon, Trinity, Upper St. Clair and West Allegheny each claimed one title. Nick Catalano (CM), Derrick Nelson (Way) and Aaron McKinney (WAll) each won their fourth section titles.

Pittsburgh Central Catholic won five titles, all in succession from 145 to 189 pounds, at the Section 1-AAA tourney. Lorenzo Thomas' win at 152 was his fourth title. Franklin Regional won two, including Nico Megaludis winning his fourth section crown. The three-time WIPAL/two-time PIAA champion has now won more than 125 consecutive bouts. Norwin and Latrobe also picked up two individual titles, with Gateway, Penn-Trafford and Plum taking one each.

Hampton, Connellsville and Albert Gallatin each won four championships at the Section 2-AAA tournament. Belle Vernon and Thomas Jefferson each claimed one title. Hempfield's Paul Bewak led the way, winning his fourth championship.

Five schools each won multiple championships at the Section 3-AAA tournament, led by Butler's four crowns. North Allegheny and Hampton claimed three each with North Hills and Hopewell splitting the other four.

Feb. 19-- AA Sections in the books!
Action is complete in the first weekend of the PIAA Individual Tournament series--the WPIAL AA Section tournaments. The final brackets are available below. Text results are available above by clicking on the "Medal Bout Results".
Section 1-AA at Burgettstown -- FINAL Brackets
Section 2-AA at Charleroi
--FINAL Brackets
Section 3-AA at Shady Side Academy
--FINAL Brackets
NOTE--Error in 3-AA bracket. 140 lbs should read
5th place Angel Santiago, Summit  fall Dylan Younkins, Steel Valley, 1:56

Dual-meet champion Burrell won eight individual titles at the Section 3-AA championships, the most of any team at the three section tournaments. Travis McKillop and Brian Beattie each won their fourth titles. Geoff Alexander won his fourth title for Shady Side Academy, one of two championships for the Indians. Kittanning, Highlands, Steel Valley and Valley each had one title..

At Burgettstown, team tournament runnerup Chartiers-Houston claimed four individual crowns along with South Side Beaver. Fort Cherry won three, including Sam Guidi's fourth title. Burgettstown took two gold medals and South Fayette's returning state champion, Nick Carr, won the other.

Jeannette took four weightclass champoinships at the Section 2-AA tournament. Derry and Bentworth won two each. Returning PIAA champion Cody Weircioch of Charleroi won in his home gym, the Cougars' only title. Jefferson-Morgan, Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Southmoreland and Beth-Center each won an individual title. For Wash High, George Rogers' title is the first for the Little Prexies since 2008.

Feb. 12-- Big Macs eliminated by Nazareth
Nazareth and Canon-McMillan met three times during the dual meet season, twice at the Giant Center. The Big Macs won Thursday PIAA Team Tournament meeting, but Nazareth avenged that loss, knocking out Canon-McMillan, 33-19, in the consolation semifinals. Canon-McMillan comes up one win shy of the awards round for the second year in a row.

Feb. 12-- Cent. Dauphin bumps Big Macs to conso. bracket
Three-time defending champion Central Dauphin is heading back to the PIAA AAA Team Finals after knocking off Canon-McMillan, 37-20, Saturday morning. CD will face Easton in the championship match. Canon-McMillan takes on Nazareth for the second time this weekend in the consolation semifinals. The Big Macs won the first meeting, 26-25 on Thursday.

Feb. 11-- Big Macs roll to Semifinals
Six pins and a default pushed Canon-McMillan to an impressive 42-23 win over Delaware Valley Friday afternoon in the PIAA AAA Team Tournament quarterfinals. The Big Macs face defending champion Central Dauphin in Saturday's semifinals.

Feb. 11-- Biglerville pins, ousts Chartiers-Houston
Two Biglerville falls proved to be the difference as Chartiers-Houston was eliminated from the PIAA AA Team Tournament Friday morning. The teams tied at 28 points, each team winning seven bouts. That sent officials to Tie-Breaker #5--Most Falls--where the Canners held a 2-1 advantage, giving them the victory.

Feb. 10-- PIAA Team Duals: Macs win, Bucs to consolations
WPIAL AAA champion Canon-McMillan avenged an earlier loss, beating Nazareth, 26-25, Thursday at the PIAA Team Championships in Hershey. The Big Macs dropped a 6-point loss to Nazareth at the Virginia Duals in January. Canon-McMillan faces Delaware Valley in Friday's quarterfinals (2 pm).

Chartiers-Houston, WPIAL AA runnerup, drew two-time finalist Reynolds in the opening round, losing 41-21 to the Raiders. The Bucs drop into the consolation rounds Friday morning against Biglerville (8 am).

Feb. 5-- WPIAL AAA--Big Macs go back-to-back
After briefly falling behind Latrobe, Canon-McMillan stormed back in front on the way to a second straight WPIAL AAA Team Tournament title. Both teams scored narrow victories early in the dual before the Big Macs got back-to-back pins from Cody Klempay (285) and Colt Shorts (103) to take command. The championship is the Big Macs' seventh in the dual meet format, tying Washington, Connellsville and Burrell for the most by any school.

Feb. 5-- Burell wins fifth straight AA title
The Burrell Bucs won a fifth straight WPIAL AA Team Tournament championship, beating Chartiers-Houston, 54-20. The championship is the 7th overall for Burrell and the sixth in the past eight years, an unprecedented run in the WPIAL Team Tournament. Burrell will take on the District 11 runnerup in the PIAA Team Tourney second round Thursday afternoon. Chartiers-Houston will take on District 10 champion Reynolds. Reynolds has been to the PIAA team finals each of the past two years.

Feb. 5-- Cavaliers return to PIAA Duals
After a run to the PIAA Team Tournament quarterfinals a year ago, the Kiski Area Cavaliers are set for another run at a state title. Kiski knocked off Franklin Regional to claim the PIAA tourney berth. The Cavaliers face Brashear Monday night.

Feb. 4-- Bucs & Bucs in AA Finals
Burrell has won an unprecendented four straight WPIAL AA Team Tournament titles. Friday night, top top-seeded Bucs rolled #4 Bentworth, 51-21, to earn a berth in the finals. #2 Chartiers-Houston handled Kittanning, 54-18. Both teams clinch berths in the PIAA Team Tournament starting next Thursday at the Giant Center, Hershey.

Feb. 4-- Big Macs, Wildcats storm to AAA Finals
Canon-McMillan fell behind early, but rolled to the finish line, ousting #4 Kiski Area, 46-20. Meanwhile, #3 Latrobe had no trouble with #7 Franklin Regional. Canon-Mac looks to win a second straight WPIAL AAA title Saturday. Kiski Area and Franklin Regional meet for the final PIAA tournament berth out of the WPIAL.

Feb. 2-- #2 Tigers bounced from AAA Tourney
Franklikn Regional bounced North Allegheny, 33-30, keeping the Tigers from joining the other WPIAL AAA hosts in the semifinals. Top-seeded Canon-McMillan, #4 Kiski Area and #3 Latrobe each won twice at home to move to the semifinals.

Feb. 2-- AA Final Four Set
Four-time defending champion Burrell, #2 Chartiers-Houston and #4 Bentworth easily moved through two rounds of the WPIAL AA Team Tournament. Kittanning spoiled #3 Jefferson-Morgan's bid to make it 1-4 in Friday's semifinals.

Jan. 31-- Rams, Indians, Vikings, Colonials AAA Prelim winners
A spot in the Field of 16 for the taking--Ringgold, Peters Township, Hopewell and Albert Gallatin won WPIAL AAA Team Tournament preliminary duals Monday night. Now, each wrestles at one of the tournament's top four seeds--Rams at #1 Canon-McMillan, Indians at #4 Kiski Area, Vikings at #3 Latrobe and Colonials at #2 North Allegheny.

Jan. 28-- WPIAL Team Tourney brackets set
To no great surprise, Canon-McMillan and Burrell received the top seeds in the upcoming WPIAL Team Tournaments. The Big Macs are joined by #2 North Allegheny, #3 Latrobe and #4 Kiski Area as hosts. The four-time defending champion Bucs get a first-round bye followed by a home quarterfinal match, while #2 Chartiers-Houston, #3 Jefferson-Morgan and #4 Bentworth have the first two rounds in their gyms.
-- -- -- WPIAL AA Bracket

Jan. 27-- Canon-McMillan rolls, Jeff-Morgan dumps Bentworth
On their home mat, the Big Macs rolled to their 10th straight Section title, handling Peters Township & Waynesburg in the 4-AAA championships. The Rockets avenged an earlier 3-point loss, knocking off host Bentworth in the 2-AA finals. Latrobe won the last two individual bouts, one by fall, to come from six points down, beating Kiski Area for the 1-AAA title. Hempfield edged Connellsville to win the Section 2-AAA crown.

Jan. 26-- Bucs, Bucs and Tigers win Section Dual Titles
Four-time defending WPIAL AA Team Tournament champion Burrell had no trouble on the way to the Section 3-AA crown, easily handling South Allegheny & Kittanning. Chatiers-Houston, the expected #2 seed for the 2011 AA Team Tournament, rolled past Freedom and Burgettstown to claim the 1-AA title. North Allegheny beat Hampton, then edged Butler to take the 3-AAA crown. Dual meet championships at Kiski Area, Hempfield, Canon-McMillan and Bentworth were postponed due to snow.

Chartiers-Houston wins Burgettstown Tourney -- Final Brackets
The Bucs sent six to the finals on the way to a first-place finish in the Burgettstown Tournament Saturday. Chartiers-Houston (181.5 pts) came away without an individual champion. Hopewell (170.5) was second, Burgettstown (123) a distant third with Charleroi (116.5) fourth. The Cougars took home five gold medals, Beth-Center, Burgettstown and Hopewell each won two individual titles.

Charleroi Nick Gavazzi-112, Aaron Toth-125,
Josh Kwasny-135, Cody Wiercioch-160, Tommy Thorpe-171
Zach Swarrow-103, Jeff Tarley-285
Burgettstown Tyler Rommes-119, Dylan Fleming-145
Hopewell Cody Mutkus-140, Anthony Kashiwsky-215
Freedom Boe Bonzo-130
Southmoreland Jordan Kitta-189
West Allegheny Aaron McKinney-152

Waynesburg wins 2011 Tri-County Tournament -- Final Brackets
Waynesburg outscored Canon-McMillan, 179.5-159.5, giving the Raiders the team championship. The Big Macs won four individual championships, Waynesburgh three. Third-place Chartiers-Houston (148 points) had two titles along with Bentworth.

Canon-McMillan Colt Shorts-103, Connor Schram-112,
Solomon Chishko-130, Dario Dobbin-135
Waynesburg Derrick Nelson-119, Zach McGinnis-125, Jeremy Ellis-189
Bentworth Francis Mizia-152, Gus Mizia-171
Char-Houston Tanner Sutton-140, Michael Innes-145
Charleroi Cod Wiercioch-160
Fort Cherry Corey Garry-285
Trinity Kyle McWreath-215

Let's Get Out There and Wrestle!
More than 60 years ago, WJPA covered the PIAA Wrestling Championships for the first time. Saturday, March 12th, our crew will be at Giant Center, capping off a frenetic season of live coverage on-air and on-line. Beginning with the 45th PowerADE Christmas Wrestling Classic and running through the PIAA Team and Individual Championships, WJPA's wrestling coverage hasn't missed a beat!

All of our coverage--Team & Individual--will be available on-air and on-line, thanks to our partnerships with the MSA Sports Network, EZ-Stream and the PIAA. We'll have Listen Here links, stories, recaps and bracket links all available here.

For more than 60 years, people have trusted WJPA to bring home the action of the nation's best high school wrestling. We've been true to that trust in the past and we have no plans of letting you down now. We hope you'll check back often as we move through the tournaments in the coming weeks.

While many things have changed over time, after these 60 years (and counting), you'll still get every score of every bout we're covering on WJPA. Enjoy the action!

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--Bentworth 66, Freedom 6 -- Listen Here!
1st Round--Burgettstown 42, Yough 34
Quarterfinals--Bentworth 50, Burgettstown 18 -- Listen Here!
Burrell 51, Bentworth 21 -- Listen Here!
Semifinals--Chartiers-Houston 54, Kittanning 18 -- Listen Here!
Finals--Burrell 54, Chartiers-Houston 20 -- Listen Here!

Section 4-AAA Dual Meet Championships
--Canon-McMillan 54, Waynesburg 18 --
Listen Here!
--Peters Township 43, Upper St. Clair 22
5th--Chartiers Valley 37, Trinity 35 -- Listen Here!
Canon-McMillan 52, Peters Township 9 -- Listen Here!
Waynesburg 36, Upper St. Clair 33

Section 1-AA Dual Meet Championships
--Chartiers-Houston 60, Burgettstown 18 -- Listen Here!
--South Side Beaver 54, Freedom 27
5th--Fort Cherry 45, Central Valley 24 -- Listen Here!
Chartiers-Houston 65, Freedom 10 -- Listen Here!
Burgettstown 52, South Side Beaver 21

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Current Schedules
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PIAA Results Updates

Tournament Scoreboard
Top three in each weight advance to PIAA
Championship Tournament

PIAA SW AA Regional FINAL Brackets
Top five in each weight advance to PIAA
Championship Tournament

Top seven in each weight advance to PIAA Southwest AA Regional
District 5-AA FINAL Brackets - (
District 6-AA FINAL Brackets - (

WPIAL AAA Section Tournaments
Top five in each weight advance to WPIAL Tournament
Section 1-AAA at Plum
Section 2-AAA at Baldwin

Section 3--AAA at Fox Chapel
Section 4-AAA at Mt. Lebanon

WPIAL AA Section Tournaments
Top five in each weight advance to WPIAL AA Tournament
Section 1-AA at Burgettstown

Section 2-AA at Charleroi

Section 3-AA at Shady Side Academy
NOTE--WPIAL Error in 3-AA bracket, 140 lbs. It should read:
5th place Angel Santiago, Summit  fall Dylan Younkins, Steel Valley, 1:56

2011 PIAA AAA Team Tournament
Preliminary Round
Kiski Area 78, Brashear 3
Big Spring 28, Spring-Ford 22
Norristown 45, Solanco 33
Nazareth 31, Owen J. Roberts 29
Second Round
Council Rock South 43, Kiski Area 23
Cumberland Valley 30, Central Mountain 25
Latrobe 27, McDowell 22
Easton 48, Big Spring 10
Central Dauphin 48, Norristown 12
LaSalle College 37, Shikellamy 24
Delaware Valley 36, Clearfield 26
Canon-McMillan 26, Nazareth 25
Round 1 Consolations
Central Mountain 35, Kiski Area 22
McDowell 37, Big Spri
ng 24
Norristown 37, Shikellamy 25
Nazareth 52, Clearfield 6
Council Rock South 44, Cumberland Valley 24
Easton 39, Latrobe 12
Central Dauphin 43, LaSalle College 24
Canon-McMillan 42, Delaware Valley 23
Round 3 Consolations
Central Mountain 34, McDowell 31
Nazareth 36, Latrobe 15
Easton 40, Council Rock South 23
Central Dauphin 36, Canon-McMillan 20
Round 4 Consolations
Council Rock South 34, Central Mountain 32
Nazareth 33, Canon-McMcMillan 19
3rd-place Consolations
Nazareth 33, Council Rock South 24
Championship Finals
Central Dauphin 36, Easton 18

2011 PIAA AA Team Tournament
Preliminary Round
Claysburg-Kimmel 74, Langley 6
Second Round
Burrell 35, Pen Argyl 27
Bedford 39, Elmer L. Meyers 21
Huntingdon 50, Muncy 17
Ft. LeBoeuf 38, Boiling Springs 20
Reynolds 41, Chartiers-Houston 21
Bethlehem Catholic 52, Biglerville 9
Ridgway 54, Lower Moreland 21
Towanda 32, Claysburg-Kimmel 24
Round 1 Consolations
Pen Argyl 51, Elmer L. Meyers 16
Boiling Springs 45, Muncy 27
Biglerville 29, Chartiers-Houston 28 (TB "E"--Most Falls)
Claysburg-Kimmel 57, Lower Moreland 13
Burrell 49, Bedford 15
Ft. LeBoeuf 46, Huntingdon 21
Bethlehem Catholic 38, Reynolds 19
Towanda 39, Ridgway 27
Round 2 Consolations
Pen Argyl 41, Ridgway 18
Boiling Springs 33, Reyn
olds 28
Huntingdon 31, Biglerville 16
Bedford 36, Claysburg-Kimmel 30
Round 3 Consolations
Pen Argyl 33, Boiling Springs 26
Bedford 28, Huntingdon 27
Ft. LeBoeuf 3
0, Burrell 28
Bethlehem Catholic 45, Towanda 18
Round 4 Consolations
Burrell 36, Pen Argyl 29
Towanda 34, Bedford 29
3rd-place Consolations
Burrell 37, Towanda 15
Championship Finals
Bethlehem Catholic 38, Ft. LeBoeuf 21

2011 WPIAL AAA Team Tournament
Ringgold 43, North Hills 23
Peters Township 54, Thomas Jefferson 18
Hopewell 45, Upper St. Clair 22
Albert Gallatin 35, Chartiers Valley 25
First Round
Canon-McMillan 64, Ringgold 3
Connellsville 31, Penn-Trafford 30 * (Tie-breaker #9--NearFall Points)
Hempfield 39, Hampton 26
Kiski Area 43, Peters Township 15
Latrobe 46, Hopewell 12
Butler 42, Pitts. Central Catholic 24
Franklin Regional 43, Waynesburg 24
North Allegheny 45, Albert Gallatin 23
Canon-McMillan 44, Connellsville 22
Kiski Area 43, Hempfield 23
Latrobe 35, Butler 18
Franklin Regional 33, North Allegheny 30
Canon-McMillan 46, Kiski Area 20
Latrobe 50, Franklin Regional 16
3rd Place
Kiski Area 39, Franklin Regional 27
Canon-McMillan 36, Latrobe 19

2011 WPIAL AA Team Tournament
First round
Burrell bye
Keystone Oaks 40, South Side Beaver 34

Burgettstown 42, Yough 34
Bentworth 66, Freedom 6
Jefferson-Morgan 39, Fort Cherry 28
Kittanning 45, Southmoreland 27
Jeannette 49, South Allegheny 30
Chartiers-Houston 60, Highlands 13
Burrell 51, Keystone Oaks 12
Bentworth 50, Burgettstown 18
Kittanning 34, Jefferson-Morgan 32
Chartiers-Houston 52, Jeannette 23
Burrell 51, Bentworth 21
Chartiers-Houston 54, Kittanning 18
Burrell 54, Chartiers-Houston 20

2011 WPIAL AAA Section Team Duals
Section 1-AAA at Kiski Area
--Latrobe 31, Kiski Area 28
--Franklin Regional 34, Penn-Trafford 30
5th--Pittsburgh Central Catholic 45, Norwin 24
Kiski Area 61, Penn-Trafford 9
Latrobe 52, Franklin Regional 19

Section 2-AAA at Hempfield
--Hempfield 37, Connellsville 31
--Ringgold 60, Thomas Jefferson 14
5th--Albert Gallatin 48, Elizabeth-Forward 22
Hempfield 56, Thomas Jefferson 19
Connellsville 45, Ringgold 15

Section 3-AAA at Butler
--North Allegheny 30, Butler 29
--Hampton 37, Hopewell 35
5th--North Hills 44, Fox Chapel 36
Butler 48, Hopewell 6
North Allegheny 41, Hampton 19

Section 4-AAA at Canon-McMillan
-- Canon-McMillan 54, Waynesburg 18
-- Peters Township 43, Upper St. Clair 22
5th--Chartiers Valley 37, Trinity 35
Canon-McMillan 52, Peters Township 9
Waynesburg 36, Upper St. Clair 33

2011 WPIAL AA Section Team Duals
Section 1-AA at Chartiers-Houston

--Chartiers-Houston 60, Burgettstown 18
--South Side Beaver 54, Freedom 27
5th--Fort Cherry 45, Central Valley 24
Chartiers-Houston 65, Freedom 10
Burgettstown 52, South Side Beaver 21

Section 2-AA at Bentworth
-- Jefferson-Morgan 33, Bentworth 27
--Jeannette 47, Southmoreland 30
5th--Yough 44, West Greene 30
Bentworth 49, Southmoreland 27
Jefferson-Morgan 46, Jeannette 31

Section 3-AA at Keystone Oaks
--Burrell 62, Kittanning 17
--Keystone Oaks 48, South Allegheny 35
5th--Highlands 48, Riverview 27
Kittanning 48, Keystone Oaks 30
Burrell 66, South Allegheny 9

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