Pure McCartney
4 CD set put together by his team with the idea: "If you were on a long
drive, what would you like to hear and in what order

Many hits (of course), but many odd choices fill up this compilation. It is also available on single and double discs … vinyl too.

It covers all phases of Paul’s career. Missing a few of my favorites:
"My Brave Face," That he did with Elvis Costello and "Give Ireland back
To the Irish
." Overall a great treat for McCartney fans.
The Crystal Blue Band
The original Pittsburgh Shondells are still around; now officially The Crystal Blue Band. They recreate all of the Tommy James stuff (some of the tunes they co-wrote.)
The CD is called "Legacy..." I didn’t know what to expect and it turns out it is a very entertaining CD. Still rocking after all these years. Yes, you miss Tommy’s voice because that’s what you are use to…but this is a great sounding group.
The Monkees - "Good Times"
Celebrating 50 years they hit the road and with a new CD. All members contribute songs including a found track with the late Davey Jones. The first single is "She Makes Me Laugh..."

It was written by members of Weezer. Mike Nesmith contributes some original tunes as well. It’s not just a trip down memory lane, but a reminder that there is plenty of talent in what was supposed to be a make believe group.
The Led Zepplin Re-issue Campaign
From the first Zepplin LP to their final release; Jimmy Page went through the vaults. The results: No matter which phase of Led-Zep you are/were into, you are in for a new listening experience. The previous releases have a 'muddy' sound. This may be the first time ever you will hear them the way it was meant to sound.

Add to that: The extra bonus tracks. Stripped down versions of your favorite tunes to show what they sounded like before the polished version, to get a different feel. The live stuff included on some discs feature some powerful vocals by Plant. If you're a "Zep" fan; you will want every one of them. Favorite cuts, you pick. 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young "1974"
This has been called the doomed tour. Lots of in house problems and problems with addiction too. Somehow the music survived through it all.

40 live performances and a 188 page booklet. 3 CDs and a DVD. Graham Nash over saw the project with loving care, finding the best available source for classic songs.

The hits you know and the songs that you don't get to hear anymore too. Favorites...." On The Beach.." "Almost Cut My Hair.." "Our House." 

Paul McCartney "New"
Four producers but one constant...Paul's voice. This is probably Paul's best solo work in years. Up-tempo rockers and of course some ballads.

The stand outs for me are: "New", "Save Me", "I Can Bet" and "Early Days."

There are three versions available a 12 song disc, 14 song or a CD and DVD.

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