Ringgold Players Reach Plea Deals
CHARLEROI- Both Ringgold football players charged in the assault of a teammate agreed to plea deals Thursday morning in front of District Magistrate Larry Hopkins. Former tight end Dezmier Majors (left) waived his preliminary hearing and agreed to plead guilty to simple assault. That will result in a six month probation period that will be given to Majors on January 3rd by Judge Gary Gilman. Meanwhile, running back Tyrese Youngblood (right) had his criminal charges withdrawn and was given a summary charge for harassment. Youngblood's penalty was a fine of over $450. He has been reinstated to the football team. All of the charges stem from the assault of 16-year-old teammate Roderick Wilson Jr. during the incident on September 13th. (Photo: WPXI)

W&J Inaugurates New President
Students, Faculty and Staff celebrated inauguration day at Washington and Jefferson College. Dr. John Knapp became the school's 13th President during a ceremony Thursday afternoon in the Olin Fine Arts Center on campus. The event caused a road closure here in Washington. East Wheeling Street closed intermittently from Lincoln Street to Wade Avenue between 1:30 p.m. and 4 p.m.


Wolf Vetoes Bill To Impose Medicaide Work Requirements
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Pennsylvania's governor is vetoing legislation to impose work or job search requirements for certain Medicaid recipients. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday rejected a bill that he said would have increased costs and ended health care for needy people. Wolf says in his veto message the Republican-backed bill would not promote health coverage for older Pennsylvanians, those with disabilities or people with substance abuse disorders. Supporters say the legislation would have saved money and kept Medicaid affordable, and that work requirements have been successful in other states. But opponents argue the bill also targeted dental, vision, mental health and behavioral health clinic-based coverage, as well as hospice care.

GOP Governor Hopefuls Face Off
BLUE BELL, Pa. (AP) - The three announced GOP candidates for governor went to their first forum together where the would-be nominees fielded questions from Montgomery County Republicans. Thursday night's 50-minute forum at the Bluestone Country Club featured Scott Wagner of York County and Paul Mango and Laura Ellsworth of suburban Pittsburgh. Asked what they'd do about the state government's current fiscal troubles, they all avoided specifics. But Wagner says he'd streamline costs in state agencies, Ellsworth says she'd impose discipline by requiring a comprehensive, on-time budget plan and Mango says the state cannot pull out of its current doldrums without a strategy to boost the economy. The three are each seeking the nomination to challenge Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf's bid for a second term in next year's election. The primary election is in May.

Halloween-Masked Man Attacks Neighbor With Hatchet
BUTLER, Pa. (AP) - Police in Pennsylvania say a 70-year-old man wearing a rubbery Halloween mask and brandishing a rusty hatchet attacked his neighbor while he mowed the lawn. Penn Township police Cpl. Jack Ripper tells WPXI-TV that Ronald Postreich attacked his 70-year-old neighbor Wednesday night after years of feuding.
Ripper says the two have been arguing over their rural properties near Butler, but this was the first time it turned violent. Postreich is accused of creeping up behind his neighbor and striking him on the head with the hatchet. Ripper says the victim fought back and ripped the mask off, revealing his neighbor. Postreich faces aggravated assault and related charges. The victim says he thought he was going to die. The extent of any injuries was unclear.

Senate Passes $4 Trillion Budget Blueprint
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate has passed a $4 trillion budget blueprint that is a major step forward for President Donald Trump's ambitious promises for "massive tax cuts and reform." The 51-49 vote sets the stage for debate later this year to dramatically overhaul the U.S. tax code, cutting rates for individuals and corporations while clearing away trillions of dollars' worth of deductions and special-interest tax breaks. The tax cuts would add up to $1.5 trillion to the deficit over the coming decade, however, as Republicans shelve worries about the growing budget deficit in favor of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rewrite tax laws. When reconciled with the House budget plan, the nonbinding measure would set up special procedures to pass follow-up tax legislation without the threat of a filibuster by Senate Democrats.

Trump Calls Florida Rep Wilson 'Wacky'
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump is attacking a Democratic congresswoman who accused him of being insensitive to the widow of an Army sergeant killed in Niger. Trump tweets, "The Fake News is going crazy with wacky Congresswoman Wilson(D), who was SECRETLY on a very personal call, and gave a total lie on content!" Sgt. La David Johnson was one of four American soldiers killed in Niger nearly two weeks ago. Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Florida Democrat who was with Johnson's family when Trump called to offer condolences, said Trump had told the widow that "you know that this could happen when you signed up for it ... but it still hurts." Johnson's aunt said Trump showed "disrespect" to the soldier's loved ones.(Photo: MSNBC)

Trump's Border Wall Models Take Shape
SAN DIEGO (AP) - The last two of eight prototypes for President Donald Trump's proposed border wall are taking shape at a construction site in San Diego. The prototypes form a tightly packed row of imposing concrete and metal panels, including one with sharp metal edges on top. Another has a surface resembling an expensive brick driveway. Companies have until Oct. 26 to finish the models but Border Patrol spokesman Theron Francisco said Thursday the last two came into profile, as crews installed a corrugated metal surface on one model on a dirt lot just a few steps from homes in Tijuana, Mexico. As the crews worked, three men and two women jumped a short rusted fence from Tijuana into the construction site and were immediately stopped by agents on horseback. Francisco said there have been four or five other illegal crossing attempts at the site since work began Sept. 26. The models cost the government up to $500,000 each.

Government Urges Ban Of Some Electronics On Planes WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. government is urging that large, personal electronic devices like laptops be banned from airline checked luggage because of the potential for a catastrophic fire. The Federal Aviation Administration says in a paper filed recently with a U.N. agency that its tests show that when lithium-ion batteries used in laptops, cellphones and other devices overheat in close proximity to an aerosol spray, they can cause explosions capable of disabling an airliner's fire suppression system.

Former President George W. Bush Denounces Bigotry
NEW YORK (AP) - Former President George W. Bush is denouncing bigotry in Trump-era American politics. The 43rd president did not name President Donald Trump on Thursday, but he attacked some of the principles that define Trump's political brand. Bush warned that the rise of "nativism," isolationism and conspiracy theories have clouded the nation's true identity. Bush spoke at a New York City conference hosted by the George W. Bush.

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